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Living at high altitudes not only provides breath taking scenery but can give your health a boost to better health
For keeping good health, we should do regular physical exercise. Physical exercise keeps the body and mind fit.
So many people face several challenges during their lifetime. Here is a poem I wrote about so far the most difficult challenge I have faced.
Foot conditions are of different types and caused due to many reasons. Read on to know about five foot conditions that can affect your feet.
Diabetes can affect your eye vision if you do not take care. Knowing how to take care of your eyes when you have diabetes will help to save your eyesight. Controlling blood sugar levels is the key to diabetic eye care.
Diabetes is a health condition that occurs when the glucose in the blood stream is not able to enter into the cells to be used as energy. When this happens blood sugar level rapidly increases. There are two types of diabetes that can affect the body system - Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2...
Cracked heels are fissures or cracks on the heel area of your feet. Cracks can occur on your heels due to many reasons. If cracked heels are not taken care of in the proper way, it can lead to infections and further complications.
Sleep apnea is condition when the breathing completely stops for a few seconds up to a minute. The patient does not realize that breathing has stopped. If sleep apnea is not treated it can lead to life threatening conditions. There are many ways to treat sleep apnea.
This is a condition in which the quantity of amniotic fluid exceeds 1500mls. It may not become apparent until it reaches 3000mls. It is a fairly rare condition.
This page discusses the symptoms of ADHD and suggests recommendations to help a sufferer live a normal, balanced life.
Human beings can be manipulative creatures; blackmailing those they're in cahoots with at the slightest hint of not getting their own way. Of course, it's the rampant co-dependency of a threatened person who'll say, "A little bird told me to tell you to do/not do [the condition]."
As human beings everyone of us has been blessed with a golden box filled with unconditional love.
A series on eczema. What is it? How does it start? Can it be cured? Who gets it? How it affects it's sufferers.
The part cash, part charge selling process is done usually if the amount of the merchandise requires a large amount of cash; such items are like cars, houses, lots and others.
The support is one of the parts of arguments which consists materials that can be used in order to convince the audience or the listeners that the particular claim or claims have basis. By its name, the support is used to support the claim or claims in an argument.
The best things you can do to prevent hearing loss are to limit exposure to loud noise and have your hearing checked regularly. Consider these tips.
Alzheimer’s disease is a disease in which the neuro-muscular co-ordination of a person becomes weak. And due to this the capacity of the patient to the think, understand, speak etc. decreases. If you or anyone in your family is suffering from this disease then you may find this arti...
Hey want to get rid of this suffocating bad smell of sweat from your body? Does it make you and your partner uncomfortable? What to do? Just Read On…………..
Is your shoulder paining. It may be due to a cramp or maybe your shoulder has jammed. Or it may be because of sitting in the same position for a long time. It may be anything. If you wanna know what’s that anything is, then you must read this article. This article describes the symp...
About how someone can recognize a stroke occurring and the warning signs about the symptoms that you could be getting.
A basic description of how laser eye surgery works and what happens during the process
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