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parents.. use CONDOMS This is a simple lesson for future parents teens too
There is no limit for designs and fashions in making dresses, now a days artists are using several waste and other alternatives
Condom always use So many in the heat of the moment just ignore then repent for a no cure
Do you enjoy family-oriented sitcoms? They're all pretty much the same: wacky situations made possible because men and women can not possibly be of the same species. My collection, _25 Reasons Why Charlie Should Never Read Jane's Books to Jane_, is not a romance, but has romance. It'...
A graduation students from Van Lang University in Ho Chi Minh City, he made a dress with 700 condoms, people may aware of using condoms and to raise the occasion of 1st December, world AIDS Day.
The church used to be a safe and a holy place that welcomed people from all spheres of life. With the recent plights of what is going on in the world today, it is evident that people congregate in places of worship for various reasons. A recent study conducted among the youth, reveale...
This is an issue that affects a lot of people. I want to understand why.
Helping your teenage daughter make the right decision for herself and her baby
Schools should encourage young girls and women to abstain from having sex for as long as they can. Instead, they focus on teaching safe sex. Why is the school system offering condoms to middle school and high school students? Is the public school system sending the wrong message to ou...
While societies around the world debate what is and isn’t morally-acceptable sexual behavior, man--and woman--kind continues to express its natural erotic desires in art, invention, and attitude.
While societies around the world continue to debate what is and isn’t morally-acceptable sexual behavior, we persist in our expression of our natural erotic desires in our art, our invention, and our attitude.
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