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With the workplace getting less office-based and slightly dependent on freelancers, conducting conference calls is starting to get vogue. This means exploring other options for quality conference calls other than Skype.
Are concerned over the rise of radicalism make scholars ahlusunnah wal Jamaat held an International Conference to disseminate the values of moderate islam. The Conference was attended by dozens of mufti of the Middle East was initiated by the International Conference of Islamic Schola...
Attend a conference, seminar, training session or meeting and just as people are leaving all will agree that important things were said, yet within 24 hours few can remember the details of what was said. Active listening is as important a skill as speaking, this article look at some o...
To mix live sound in an open door area, you will need most importantly your knowledge of (what sound is, how it travels, what affect sound) then your knowledge of your equipments and the environment you are going to set up, with that in you supported with your ear, you can beat and do...
How conference or meeting attendees can make the most out of the events
This is something I wasn't expecting from Samsung. I respect all the company, but with all the things that is happening. This is a let down.
Groups meet to analyze, discuss and formulate a solution to a problem. Group decision making is a valuable activity to achieve success in a project or business. This is the idea of synergy. Everyone will think and act as a group. But when do you call one?
You feel so left out from your last meeting as if you never existed as a member. No one even cared if you did not attend. And you feel you won’t be invited anymore to come in the next meeting. Here are the ways to become relevant and important in your company meeting that will pave ...
Two spoons of Sugar will cool down your emotions and anger when you are in the home, to reduce work pressure taking of two spoons of sugar will reduce your pressure and give relief
Can we stop or slow the climate change? The reality is depressing: the economy is more important than our environment and the future.
The amazing experience of my first travel abroad. Flying for the first time is itself a thrill and to Brisbane via Singapore is even more exciting experience. I just want to share how I manage to get my passport and visa for this travel.
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