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It's a funny thing about life: If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it! -- Somerset Maugham
when we start any work that is related with our career and success, we are much confident that we can do it better but when start and go we falls 2 steps down but that is our learning steps. the 2 steps we fall makes us learn that we can step 4 more. so never break down in your life a...
I wrote this poem while working in a school, because I wanted to welcome all the children of the world to success and achievements.
You may have been one time very introvert during your younger years. You would often see other kids your age to be much ahead of you in terms of having the latest toys, clothes, shoes and even being in the best schools which one would dream of. Of course, everything is all material wh...
This morning I taught about confidence with my students and they value every words I said. They understand that it is not the highest score they get from their subjects but the confidence that is in them that matters. I explained to them that in our journey in life, confidence is the ...
This article gives the ways to build up your self confidence
This page is about self confidence which is the great power of human beings.
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