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Communication is the key for everything that we do in our lives whether it is at home or in office. However, we don't really give much thought to it and most of the times, it is under-rated.
Today the United states is ushering in policies that will plunge the world into darker times
Osama Bin Laden is dead and gone, but a new controversy about his death has started and is likely to gain more traction with the passage of time.
Theories of personality have been extensively studied in psychology. This series will deal with some of the most known theories.
A look at a least one theory as to how so many fights and wars get started.
Rising instances of conflict across the world raises negativity and discontent all across the world
This poem deals with the ups and downs of life, falling in and out of love and re-birth. Like the phoenix emerges from the ashes, so should those who have been let down by love in life, for it is not the end.
this page talks about the nature of a conflict research paradigm, it is a method of solving conflicts that makes the sufferers to suffer even more
Suicide is never a headline you wish to see! Here though an impossible conflict leads to a life so sadly lost, when someone is happy in life why is it necessary for families to intervene? Forcing your daughter into a marriage she does not want sadly leads to suicide, but also families...
This article is one about how to handle conflict. It takes you through the various aspects of how this might develop, and it portends, or points out, that such conflict nearly always arises because one of the parties to that conflict has become angry in some way, or another.
Basic Faculties of Science, Arts and Religion together keep a human society in order. And the order is maintained by using the techniques of Medicine, Management or Meditation. Absence of any one dimension would make him/her Wild and Inhuman.
A poem about excavating the willpower, however deeply within your spirit it may be buried, to overcome the adversity presented before you
This is our writing site, of which as members, we have a shared devotion to. That's why we write, read, and communicate with each other here on a daily basis. We want to enjoy being here, and for that to be achieved, there has to be harmony. Read on to find out more...
This is a Top-10 countdown list for movie fans, which is a final product of my long time researches and collections of information. Without getting into so much detail, I briefly put the title of the movie after mentioning its creator. The top 10 list of all time hit sequels. But espe...
An Analysis and Application of theories by R. Bly, W. Drath, R. Heifetz and Assoc., R. Kegan, R. McGuigan, and V. Redekop: As applied to the Jerusalem courts controversy regarding Justice Salim Joubran’s choice to remain silent during the singing of Israel’s national anthem “Hat...
Wednesday weekly prompt from Robert Brewer to write a confused poem. Something I feel as well for being a woman I have been in these shoes that the poem speaks of.
It is amusing how things are alright but yet contrary in another
I love the black sheep of this fold and I love the hearts that have been trampled on.
when you need to choose between what your heart desires and what your mind feels is right...which one should arise as the winner...??? This question arises in everyone's life,so,its better to find its answer before its too late..
There are those who get over losses quickly, there are those some take time. And there are those who never recover from the blow. Read on...
Love and understanding have to play their part for an inclusive meaningful journey. Love has to triumph in the end and we have make it last! For that, we have to play our role, be on the guard.
Conflict can be positive and negative and in this article you will find basics of conflict management.
This page is about resolving the unwanted conflicts in our life.
How do you deal with your child when he or she argues with you? Here are tips:
A collection of poetry written by me over the last 20 years about the experience of growing up in the shadow of Ireland's contested border during the conflict known as the 'Troubles.' The poems evoke a time and a place where terrible things were done in the name of Irish freedom. It ...
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