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This poem is a bit of a play on words. It tries to stop us from thinking, "we are who we are", so that we might then become who, "we currently am not", who just might be the real, "I who I really am". The poetry here takes some contemplating upon. You might find it a bit strangely ...
Time and time again, majority is played out by few with hypocrisy rampant in the workings of our whole setup, be it at the level of nation or individual. The strain felt by the common citizens at being played has to be addressed before they are pushed over the hill - they are not tool...
Own view on the current situation wherein globally Arms sale sees high sales pitch, and all kind of transactions in arms- legitimate and/or illegitimate is still occurring in spite of high talk of disarmament.
Theories of personality have been extensively studied in psychology. This series will deal with some of the most known theories.
Our lives are full of choices and compromises and they include how we need to be aware of the needs of the mind, body and to live within the society we are part of. Time we moved as one towards self-realization to actualize our full potential and to find deeper meaning for our existen...
Essay about how we are doomed to repeat history no matter what actions we take.
Welcome to the haunted village of Chitina, Alaska is located just outside the boundary of the western side of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in the county of Valdez-Cordova. The small community is nestled along the west bank of the Copper River where despite a past ...
This article about showing the feelings of people of Andhra and Telangana regions
This article provide views with regards to the on going conflict between the Sultanate of Sulu and the Philippine Government.
I feel that the President of the United States of America should answer not only to the American citizens about Libya but also, the worlds question of, what exactly is your plan Mr. President for world peace. Mr. President, are we now using the 'Biden plan'?
Are you facing troubles in adjusting with your spouse? Is your marital life at the verge of failure? Are you disappointed and disgusted in your relationships? Believe, you can save your marital life with a nasal spray.
This page is about resolving the unwanted conflicts in our life.
Truth be told. Whether you like it or not, America is not a democracy; period. To the American citizens, it is an autocracy. To the rest of the world, with its military bases all over, it is a junta. To the state of the entire human race, with America striking countries that oppose it...
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)-an Irish playwright was angered by the prevailing social problems.He was awarded Noble Prize for Literature,but was not willing to receive it.
There are violent conflicts between states. All this happens due to moral decadence and breakdown of human values because nature of mind changes the world. In other words, man-made disasters, some other forms of natural disasters also occur due to human mental pollution. Inner peace...
Whenever I'm down my sister is always there not to cheer me up but to make things worse. I don't know why she's like that.
Refugees are real people who for reasons not of their own making find themselves in a position where they have to srtuggle each and everyday just to survive.
It is okay for couples to fight as long as they learn how to fight fairly. The good news is that hate can be avoided.
I pray for the eternal world peace. All of you are my soulmates.
It is a popular sentiment to wish peace to others during the Holiday season, why not wish it to yourself as well.
Conflicts at work are not easy to avoid. There are ways to handle them though.
In a relationship conflicts will arise, for sure. We have two choices: either we deal with it head on or we just let it pass and set it aside in our emotional cupboard...
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