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Poetry can help.. Stay and read and watch these words change your insight on life.
Yes, It was a day filled with the purest form of confusion
Since I cannot get anyone to respond to my questions from the contact us link, nor from the moderators, I am doing it this way. I have all ideas this will not be approved for publication.
People with fibromyalgia have pain but they also have bouts of memory loss and confusion.
Many of us might have experienced participating in school skits,dramas,one-act plays.These were really superb days, for most of us,I believe as we don't find time to think of doing such skits or enjoying while rehearsing for such plays now, as adults.Whenever we go nostalgic, we just...
Mind and Brain are concerned, these are entirely different things existing in a person's body for their distinct purposes. Since, all the subsystems of a living organism are interrelated and interdependent, so are mind and brain of a person.
How often in our live we confuse listening with hearing
A well kept secret about the fears that surround illusions
I had a fondness for someone and noticed a habit they had. The closer you get to a person, an individual, is the more you learn about them. You learn their foibles. Is this good or bad...?
a poem about a traveler who on getting to his destination was in a deli ma on what he was presented with in his new environment
A small poem which shows the difference that man does when he has money and what he does when he donot have money..
I return to Dublin and see how things have changed.
When you start to feel something for someone, it is a big struggle in how to tell that person, or even if you should tell that person of your feelings. Everything has gone through it, and still it's one of the hardest things about starting a relationship.
The answers we seek are not found in the external word exclusively, but pair with an internal unity and sense of purpose.
Now fifteen, Felipe finds life even more confusing and his self-esteem continues to ebb.
The boys all grown up and gone their separate ways. The empty nest syndrome just setting in, then, "Wham!" "A family tragedy!"
This is an article which throws light on the numerous hitches which plague the formation of a simple class presentation. The presentation, after a prolonged span of being in limbo, materializes thanks to the ardent efforts of the lone responsible and conscientious girl....which is obv...
Sometimea in life we face a situation when a lot is there within us but still we rain silent..
Buddhism is a science. We don't believe; we investigate.
A grim look at the reality of where our nation stands as a confused country today.
...I know one thing's for sure: Robin would love this!!!...
Suicide is never a headline you wish to see! Here though an impossible conflict leads to a life so sadly lost, when someone is happy in life why is it necessary for families to intervene? Forcing your daughter into a marriage she does not want sadly leads to suicide, but also families...
Everything we do, from getting up in the morning to going to bed, day is fixed by time. There is a time to go to school, time to play, to eat, to sleep etc. when you do things on time it is called punctuality. If you are lazy and do not do your work on time there will be disorder and ...
This is a story how it all began with my grandparents. They went from being God-fearing Christians to totally ending up in a dysfunctional mess, trying to find answers in the bottle. My grandfather walked away from God, causing my grandmother much pain. She left her wonderful walk wi...
If you work in a hotel you will sooner or later encounter the challenge of language confusion!
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