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Are you meant to read this article? Was I meant to write it? Are these two events synchronistically linked together in some way? This article purports to say that they are. All events are linked, nothing happens on its own. There are no chance events. God does not play dice, as Ei...
Use of electricity is another human right, but if companies are going to abuse us, it´s about time that we did something.
On the abuse of these Internet and telephone companies that using new technology will take a chance to harass to those users that wish to leave.
The couple of young lovers shared something magical; a connection than went deeper than a mere psychical emotion.
The writer recently had an experience in which a series of events unfolded for him right before his eyes. He was just an observer here, but he gained some vital learnings and insights from what would perhaps otherwise have been just a largely wasted morning, sitting idly by doing no...
It has been said that the noise of a bee buzzing in Africa can start an avalanche of snow to fall from the top of mount Everest. These two events are both causally connected in some way. Everything is connected. All affects all. This is the subject of this article. If this is true, ...
This is a poem about how mankind lost contact with his own inner tree of knowledge, by his trying to obtain it all only outwardly instead. We must grow from who we really are, not from just an outer image of the person who we think that we are.
'Teleconnecting' is the name that has been given to a specific set of skills and concepts, forms and formulas for effectively measuring customer satisfaction over the phone while placing an exclamation mark on your customer's decision to do business with you. These skills are also ef...
This poem is about the love of my life being gone forever. The memory of the love that was once shared will never be forgotten.
Life is about making connections to others. This is vitally important for us to do. The greatest connection that we can make is of course to God. This article talks about improving our connection, by ridding ourselves of our disconnecting habits, or disconnecting ways of behaving.
Written and dedicated to someone very special to me.
Sometimes in life we are given second chances and we should take them when we can.
Yusuf was shocked to find out new concepts about the reality of life
Description in a few words about the root of one of the most basic interactions in human nature.
What would you do if you possessed headphones that could listen to the world?
Why I think sharing an Internet connection in a neighbourhood or other domestic appliances may become dangerous.
Do you filter the amount of yourself you give to others depending on whether you like them? How would it feel to be able to give all of yourself?
I want share experience with my favorite Android applications.
This page is just touching on affection and how not giving it can really damper someone's spirits who feel that they may want or need it.
Examining the outcome of your experiment, learning what it means, and further development of personal tools for self-change.
There are lot of reasons to mood out of friendship, a site will help to solve the problems with her/his mate
7th in the More Than Series. About how family can be more than just blood.
Poem about an individual with multiple personalities.The persona talks about his relationship with his other personalities.
This page is about the dial up connection and its issues
Using such a space, recently with my 13-year-old daughter, I suggested we go to 'the connection zone', to sit in the 'connection chair'. It was said in jest, but it proved a point in retrospect: the nexus of life is found in this connection zone.
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