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I would love to tell a story. This is a serious story about life, and its up times and down times and how to deal with them. Sure, it is a serious article about business and analysis, but, in it, I use lots of metaphors to describe real situations that apply to life.Here goes:
When we are injured, we feel an acute pain. When we are sick, having affection for a longer period of time, we feel a chronic pain. Three quarters of the intensity of the pain we encounter comes from our subconscious mind, and we can diminish it, we can control it.
This is a poem about creation that asks questions about why God created anything at all. God needed us to explain himself to himself. We do this by waking up ourselves within God. This is God realisation. Is God the creator? Is he the master potter? Does he create us, or is it more ...
We can through our consciousness, win or lose at life. Because reality works like this: What we put in genuinely, we get out of it all genuinely. It is that simple, yet, it will take probably a few sections to explain my concept.
Sharing few of my ideas on issues bothering my conscience
A journey to ask our inner selves, " what is the magic that makes you soar?" An introspective look at the truth of our higher consciousness, and the unlimited possibilities of the connection of All of Us.
We are ether Accepting or Rejecting through agreement
To even begin to understand life's issues and its choices and consequences, we must come to KNOW GOD ~ not become religious ~ and not ~ just be born again.
Combined consciousness of mankind The emergence of a God .. at the surf level one views a tsunami...but God who! has no nerve to stop it Yet it is at that hour we all see HIM!
It is with great joy that I walk across the bridge into the world of sharing through literature.
Do you remember when you became conscious of being a living being? I do. Here is my experience.
Political poems/rhymes that touch and social issues intertwined with thought provoking questions
A look at how a person's inner feelings and desires affect the person's behaviour towards them and can change them possibly forever. Also what influence our conscience has on our actions.
Few circumstances which bring about the crisis of conscience are been highlighted in this particular effort.
Describes the harms of Minority Rights , when all that matters is the protection of the rights of the Individual. And, gives a summary on the Highest Cause in the Universe
This article was written to show how the process of judgment influences all levels of your existence.
This article was written to express my thoughts on the illusion of group reality.
This article was written to help people understand the process of reality and how we operate within it!
This article was written to explore the self improvement tools available to you in your search for spiritual expansion and explains my viewpoint of the use of tools in general.
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