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I would love to tell a story. This is a serious story about life, and its up times and down times and how to deal with them. Sure, it is a serious article about business and analysis, but, in it, I use lots of metaphors to describe real situations that apply to life.Here goes:
I was talking to a friend as I was riding up to this public library I am doing this article in, and we were talking about immortality, while earlier today, I was also thinking about the reality of responsibility while also thinking about the New York Times Square incident with a man d...
Scientists have yet to discover what is going on when patients are in a coma. Formally patients were thought to be unconscious but now new reports are showing otherwise,
Combined consciousness of mankind The emergence of a God .. at the surf level one views a tsunami...but God who! has no nerve to stop it Yet it is at that hour we all see HIM!
In what ways have theorist’s contributions to the field of developmental psychology influenced and shaped the personal and professional perspectives held today?
As for you not being a divine being - well you have much to learn about that. Because if you are not, then I am not. And that leads to what is known as confusion and misinformation. You are indeed a divine being, you are from the heart of the Creators, just as I am.
You mention Infinite spirals of creation, so our soul never end, that's why the incarnation is so significant to us!
It is really amazing that the galaxy is actually carry ours (human) imagination & creative mind. what is happening is so unrealistic but at the same time is so real to me!! i have once said "what can be imagined, can become real" and this is also written in my website.
On the 8th Dec 2010 suddenly i got lay off , then suddenly i get in touch with all though informations about 2012 (about the TRUTH)
Sitting in my garden these thoughts came and this is what followed.....a poem? Well sort of......
We are on the cusp of a great shift as the old order breaks down to pave way for the new.
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