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Read about Bandhavgarh National Park a major tiger habitat in India. Discover how it is a prime breeding centre for big cats...
Hi its my original thought about writing an article How to change your daily habits. i hope it is useful piece of information and a user-friendly description to minimize the energy consumption at their homes.
Utilities are an unavoidable expense. There are ways to keep the bills under control and save money in the process.
Our time on Earth has been, in general, a disaster. Is it too late, for us and for the Planet?
The Internet can help us save the planet if we use it to reduce the number of trees wasted on useless paper.
Freed by Russia almost a year after being seized in Arctic waters, campaign group Greenpeace's protest ship Arctic Sunrise, received a warm welcome when it returned to Amsterdam, Aug. 9, 2014.
The trees have always been good to human beings but man has indiscriminately been felling them, leading to widespread climate changes. The poem concludes the effect of such action leading to destruction of human life itself.
Forests are diminishing around the world. Understanding need for conservation is the first step towards increasing world forest area. Forest are also important from the viewpoint of soil conservation.
This is about two weeks that I spent at this location in Oregon and the people I met there
Hunting of wild animals, habitat destruction, environmental pollution, green house effect, acid rains and `Commercial harvesting' for `pet trade' have resulted in the loss of many valuable wild life.
No matter where we live, each and every one of us moving and breathing has a stake in this: the earth is ours. Let's take care of it. All together now, please.
Wildlife is worth protecting, conserving and preserving because of the numerous importance it has on man and the environment.
For recycling, separate materials like paper, cardboard and metal and others from the garbage for reuse or reprocessing into marketable or useful material.
A popular zoo attraction but struggling in the wild. This is just a quick piece on these lovable animals.
How many of the earth's resources should we use, and can we make a moral decision about this?
Production should never be an end by itself, but rather a means toward and end, where the end is consumption with ethics. Production, where an end by itself, creates destruction, calls for excessive waste, is unethical, and serves only the profiteers.
Now people started to pay attention to the energy resources because soon these resources will finish, so if you do not help in using the energy at home or office or even school, you will not find any energy to use.
During the recent years a large amount of ivory tusks and rhino horns have been confisticated at portal cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, and other Southeast Asian cities.
The project was launched in 1973, and the tiger reserves were created in the country on a strategy of "core-buffer".
A Man in India, over thirty years, constructed a forest single-handedly.
In reproduction, the female Philippine Eagle matures sexually at five years of age while the male is at seven. These eagles are considered as monogamous, they prefer to have one partner for the rest of their life. They only wanted to search for other mates if their partner dies eventu...
Living good life without constant threat of global warming in the media every passing day would only be a courtesy of conserving and protecting the environment.
God created everything and has entrusted to us to be used for our survival. But selfishness of man has turned the earth into a graveyard. Deforestation and pollution have resulted in global warming and other dangers.
If every cities and country would implement this program, we can reduce the fuel consumption and definitely help not only ourselves by “Mother Earth”.
Environment is the most important thing and it comes first as we are also a major part of it besides plants and animals.. we should do everything to save and conserve this Environment…..and for this we should be ECO-FRIENDLY.
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