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Loans can create asset if the E.M.Is are paid regularly for a certain period and may create debt trap if the payments are paid casually . Loans can help the consumers to improve their standard of living if he is , always , serious ab...
After reading an article on Wikinut where the writer, a right winger, claimed that conservative values are far superior to liberal values, I was prompted to respond by refuting her "facts."
A lot at a subgroup of the Episcopal church in the United States that I find interesting.
This is not something many would expect from me, if they know where I stand politically. I am a Democrat who would be tempted by the Green party, if I thought they stood a chance. And yet, some of what the Pauls say, I like. Interesting, I think.
This is an article about the strong showing that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had at the 2015 CPAC Conference.
Conservatives, to my mind, have a "stop the world I want to get off" mentality. They seem to always stand in the way of progress.
There are some core principles that the major political parties around the world are based on. Despite the names that may be used it is important to understand the true nature of each political party in your country - the name may have you consider it under one flag, yet in reality it...
Old fashioned values could provide a bulwark of protection from the worst mistakes.
A researcher at the Campaign for America's Future has compiled six charts which show how the economic policies of conservatives have failed America in a big way.
Commentary of the Trayvon Martin case and the racial divide that is now gripping our nation.
This page is the shared perspective of an American, Black, female Conservative. I share my point on Blacks in American history, Blacks today, current events and politics as it relates to our Republic and as it relates to Black Americans.
A brief trail through the recent history of the UK and how societies expectations have changed.
Politics effects all of our lives and 2011 will be a tough year for all but a priveleged few.
David Willetts has warned Universities that £9,000 fees will be very difficult to justify. So why is he introducing the possibility in the first place?
Workers of America unite! You have nothing to lose but your freedom!
Sometimes topical, sometimes not, sometimes relevant, sometimes not. Always done with the with getting people to think, and if they chuckle a bit that's good too.
The battle that is being waged across our great land of the U.S. is not just a battle over our future, but over the fate of the free world. The liberty, property, and lives of our prosterity, and the world, rely on what we do in the coming months and years.
When younger I thought I knew that Liberals, knew some things, I was wrong, as many of us are when we are young, the smoke screens and halfhearted lies of Satan are at work within this group of the politically misguided and have been for so long now. At first Glance it seems to be al...
The polls suggest an indecisive result and voters have a unique opportunity. Party politics has shown it cares little for what people really want so vote the best people in not a party.
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