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The dark underbelly of the Republican electorate is fully exposed by its embrace of Donald Trump's hateful politics.
My views of the political campaigning for 2015 general election.
Right wing movements are afoot all across the nation that attempt to force an ultra-conservative agenda upon America's children, and there seems to be no limit to the lengths to which they will go in order to imprint their myopic view upon our high school students.
Right wingers are always complaining about the "liberal media," but the fact is the maInstream media in America leans heavily to the right.
I have long maintained that liberals care more about others than conservatives, and a recent poll, I believe, proves that supposition to be correct.
Conservatives, to my mind, have a "stop the world I want to get off" mentality. They seem to always stand in the way of progress.
An increasingly common observation regarding the folly of the Left vs. Right debate.
The internet hipsters of politics reflect on a bygone era as old memes and quotes are recycled by the very people they were flung at.
This is an article about the strength of the Tea Party and its influence on budget issues.
To find the most anti-progressive, right-wing nut-cases in all of America, look no further than North Carolina.
Margaret Thatcher's philosophy and her actions live on to this day. Her influence was immense.
A researcher at the Campaign for America's Future has compiled six charts which show how the economic policies of conservatives have failed America in a big way.
The Republican Party of my father's time was civil and often cooperated with Democrats. How did circumstances change so dramatically?
What is called "low effort thought" and heavy drinking leads to more conservative political and social views.
Men cannot arrive at wisdom by wandering about in the mud of their own mind, wisdom can only be found by looking to a transcendent Source.
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