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Sis enters her twin brother in a boys swimsuit competition!
“Mike. I think you’re indirectly challenging me with your rhyming way with words, so I’ve decided to hold a contest.
A song contest that has never produced songs or singers worth listening and keeping.
If you're a writer, you probably are someone or know someone who has done or is doing NaNoWriMo. But if you don't know what it is, keep reading to find out and learn more...
My blog post about my first ever cash prize P5000 Philippine Peso, Blessings really come in most expected ways.
Take a chance of winning this Sanuk gift certificate, it's a footwear brand wear. This is open worldwide anyone can join just as long you have a Philippine address where I can send the GC.
It was autumn, something was in the air, a great contest was about to begin. A contest of contests where only one person could be the winner.
This is a challenge to all writers to share something positive. Write a positive article and send positive energy to the world.
This article is about the writing contest, we can make a good money based on our talent
It is true that money is not everything. But, it is essential for a writer to survive. How can we earn through writing?
Beauty pageants sending the wrong message to young children
This article is about participating in contests, which help us to show our talents
This is a poetry challenge anyone can take part in, it should be a fun exercise and showcase for your talents.
Why should you write factual articles? Because they pay more! Here is a challenge to inspire you to write a factual article. Note I have closed this to new submissions as of Jan 31, 2012. If you have claimed one and not finished it please do so and I will still add it.
Articlebase has thrown down the gauntlet. The Bring it Home, home improvements article challenge is on! If you write articles for the home improvements market, here is your chance to prove to everyone that you really are the king or queen of the genre. The challenge is open and runnin...
I am starting a fledgling contest site for does have a small fee ...please check into it.
This page is about Objectivism and has a link from another page, [link=]Mark's Factual Article Challenge for Wikinut Writers.[/link] This page gives you an introduction to...
Having the Public select a name for new product might not be the Best Idea
I would like to dedicate this poem to all of my friends on Wikinut who have been very supportive and inspirational. Read on. Thanks!
A young girl killed by teenager, because she was a contestant for beauty pageant.
Have you ever thought about writing a children's book. You love children, and you have something to teach them. Well, here is your chance. The annual Cheerios New Authors Contest is about to get underway, and they are desperately seeking the next talented children's book author. You ...
Miss Trinette Robison was won the award of using utmost bad smell sacks presented in the contest of Annual National Odor-eaters Rotten sneaker contest
Are you ready to step up to a real digital camera but you can't justify spending several hundred dollars on a “Real” digital camera? Would you like to win a real Nikon camera? The chances are good that you can win the D3100 and a package of “Dummy” book on digital photography ...
This speaks for itself really. (Xkcd fans will likely get the reference.)
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