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A sideways look at the Affordable Health Care Act, the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Religion, and Sandra Fluke originally written in December 2013, edited for today. There is another post to follow.
There are many rumors and wrong information about various aspects of health. This page will provide research based authentic information's on health related topics
Sex before marriage endangers the future of such marriage and depleted the confidence of a relationship, once a couple have had illicit sex, they look at each other with contempt, guilt and low self esteem. For marriage to succeed there must be chastity and self-control.
Want to find out if your monthly periods are normal for your birth control? Have you talked to your doctor but they were unsure or told you something you didn't understand? Find out here.
Oral contraceptives have played an important role in allowing women to take their well deserved place in today's modern society.
Contraception refers to a practice or set of practices that aim at prevention of pregnancy as a result of sexual activities. It includes both natural and artificial methods and the artificial ones which would be discussed more in this posting relate to preventing the sperm from reachi...
It has been a troubled time when the woman had sex while constantly worrying about the risk of becoming pregnant.
It is not only for the birth control....Also for maintaining reproductive health...
The sexual act is man and woman who are married to each other giving himself or herself to the other in a way that's total. exclusive, and for life. That's why contraception must have no place in the sexual act because by resorting to it, the giving of one to the other is not total.
Rick Santorum: The Best Thing That Ever Happened to the Democratic Party!
Making pompoms at school revealed one child knew more about life than his parents realised.
Modern changes in cultural life and fast development in communication have brought in great changes in the structure of society. Teenage pregnancy has become very common all over the world because of these cultural changes and fast media.
I have been feeling diffferent since taking these... Now i feel more normal and will get sorted soon with new contraception.
Finally feeling normal now... How long for though??
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