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You are who you are. If you expect to be told what and how without taking the time to understand the why, then be prepared to be deceived. You can't solve a problem by expecting others to change. The way you think, the way you act, and the way you feel makes a difference in your life...
People give a damn about too many damn things they shouldn't give a damn about. Grab your coffee and pull up a chair and join me!
Things are happening in life that sometimes no matter how much planning, thinking, organizing and talking, things fall out of control.
If you place your fingers on 4 adjacent frets, and you play every note only once, then you have 24 possible finger combinations.
Realistically speaking, all pain is temporary, and much pleasure is memorable. But the only pain that seems permanent to some is fear. That is what I want to talk about in this article, having permanent courage facing it all down and getting through it.
Many parents who have trouble with their children rely on the old carrot and stick approach which is far less effective than more loving methods which focus on cooperation and the parent/child relationship.
I have been in retailing business for almost a decade and still researching on how to improve inventory management. For part one let us start with basic inventory management.
Parents begin each school year with high anticipation for their child's success. They meet the teachers, visit the classrooms and then they cross their fingers and hope for the best, not knowing for sure what else they can do to have an impact.
...some tips for crisis... Do you agree with these tips? Can you suggest others?
Freedom is an interesting concept. When we think that we haven't got it, we haven't. When we think that we have got it, we haven't then got it either. Thoughts always constrain freedom. Real spiritual freedom only ever exists within our hearts. Only love is free enough to live there...
Just a line or two to let you know I am thinking about you...Be back as soon as I can.
We should have never let the small farmers to abandon their farms and land and what has always been traditional and good agriculture.
It is very sad to see kids of today misbehaving with their elders and getting involved in violent acts.In olden days, kids were not like today as there was so much love shared between kids and elders and they were also very soft in nature which was very good. Today days are changing v...
When leading politicians claim for stricter control on the use of the World Wide Net, it's enough to get common citizens to fret.
The term `self – discipline' makes it very clear that discipline should spring from within. There is no point in external forces continuously trying to discipline us.
Is Fate another word for coincidence? Whether we realize it or not, Fate plays a part in all our lives, but not of all us will understand our destiny.
George Washington our first President was dubbed the father of our nation so I was wondering if Hillary Clinton won the next election being the first woman if she be dubbed Mother of our nation or Grandmother because of the time span and the fact she is about to become a grandmother. ...
Religion and science the planet - Star are time- based. That is why the scriptures associated with the lives of these good times - bad influences many fluctuation bring are also considered.
There will come a time when you will at a crossroads stand...perhaps the one that beckons is what you have been used to...then perhaps you have the singlemindedness of loving within to take the path that leads to the upper Kingdom of God...choose wisely...
This poem is about being lost in a past love. The love will always remain deep within me.
Organizing for change and challenging the capitalist system are two of the toughest challenges facing the working people of the world and the truth is you do need to invest in change, be a part of it, advocate for it, fight for it, begin by fighting in every forum where this is possib...
There is a vast difference between the two worlds of responding and reacting, and we can choose one of them, but the process and result are huge.
This is a short poem reflecting on this missing puzzle in our lives. Our battles are for a purpose. A constructive purpose. And the ultimate decisive factor on whether we will succeed or not depends on how quickly we can come to terms with this reality.
It is so amazing how men go to such lengths to ensure there is that power
We must believe in ourselves and have genuine faith in our powers within ourselves which we have only scratched the surface of. To access more of our power and our faith, we must prepare ourselves and then take proper action on that preparation in accordance with the natural laws of d...
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