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Danny had loved Mia since they were very young children. Thoughts of her dominated his whole life, and he could think of little else. So how could he win her love? Read on to find out more.
Marriage, one of the best gifts one can experience in a life time.
Development approach by adjusting Bank credit and controlling inflation in Bangladesh.
Are you, or someone you know, addicted to the desire to control? Being a Control Freak may seem like a powerful thing, but sadly many of these people do not realize that they are not in control at all, but are controlled by their addiction to control. There are simple cures for this...
There are two words that describe the state of mind of a person. These words are satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
Controlling process is the daily task of every manager in this world, event though you are a CEO of an international organization or you are running a small business. When you think about a manager, your mind will link to the words “controlling people”. Every day, when a manager c...
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