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We all love to eat great desserts, but seem to worry so much about calories, sugar, fat, etc. I decided to do something some people are scared to do. I decided not to use any sugar, but instead find naturally sweet ingredients such as apples, oranges, honey, pineapples strawberries, e...
This is a poem about the Christmas holiday for children and adults to remember about the holiday.
Another one of the cookies I make that my sister adores and says she won't visit me on Christmas if I don't make these cookies! So as usual I make them each year
Here are two great Chocolate goodies that I make my family. The Peanut-chocolate tassies I make three or four times a year the family likes them so much!
I love to bake and cook. I make sure I bake for each holiday and when the family wants a treat. I am giving the second part of my series on what I bake. These two cookies have nuts.
I bake a ton of baked goods for Christmas and am going to share many recipes I use. I hope you will like them as my family.
Do you love cookies? Then, you should try this Cornflake Cookies! I made these crunchy, delicious buttery cookies which became an addictive snack for my kids. They are nutritious, healthy and easy to bake. Why not have a go? Happy Baking!
These easy but, also wonderful peanut butter cookie recipe, will be passed down throughout your family tree, as it has with mine.
The sweetness of the kiwifruit will make any dish you create as well be perfect. Add a little cream kiwifruit Zespri® on, put the top layer of chocolate cake Pavlova - a kind of cake made ​​with egg whites.
This is a guide on how to pretty fast make some delicious cookies made from peanut butter and Nutella!
People and organizations have no idea what the word,"free" actually means. I always thought it meant one thing, but it seems it has a different meaning for others.
This Christmas brings back many memories of Christmases out on the farm and how they bring a smile and even a laugh as I think about the things that happened.
My 8 year old daughter pops a sudden request. I take up the challenge and construct a basket that I am quite proud of and so I am sharing it with you.
A fun recipe all the family will enjoy so why not treat yourself to a mug of hot chocolate and a chewy, gooey polka dot cookie.
Making a cookie bouquet is always a fun time, and it's not that hard to do! Here are some tips to making your own cookie bouquets.
This is what happens when small-time podunk legislators run out of nothing to do.
Two favorite deserts....chocolate chip cookies and brownies TOGETHER!
I want to share my journey of eliminating sugar from my diet.
My Grandma used to make these when I was a little girl. She lived to be 98 years old and made them well into her 90’s. For her memorial as a tribute to her, each person was given a cookie on their way out to enjoy as they waited for one dove to be released in her honor.
Are you in college and looking for a quick and easy recipe to do that is also inexpensive? Or are you just looking for a new recipe you can't find anywhere else? Well then I have the recipe for you!
A recipe on how to prepare Mantecados! You can prepare them for Christmas!
Sometimes ya just need a cookie, a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie...
KNown as "America's Favorite Cookie," Oreos have been around for a hundred years now. They are no more nutritionally healthy than they were a century ago - But, they sure DO taste good!
Can you believe that the ordeo cookie turned 100 years of age? Delicious!
A lady with a simple dream that would go on to take over the world
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