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Useful information about pistols and rifles for every gun lover out there.
Have you ever found yourself wanting to have super powers like Superman or The Flash? Wouldn't it be amazing to experience yourself having super human strength or being able to run at intense speeds for long periods of time? Although having powers as ridiculous as the ones found in DC...
This poem shares the beauty of nature and its works and creations. It teaches people to appreciate rain as another important source of life.
This article are the three reasons on what certain people find "cool". And a bit of discussion on it.
The poems here reveal about the reaction of everyone who happens to eat food with a chili. It is really how the action goes if eat food with mixed with a chili.
This poem shares the full freedom of a butterfly to fly and land to a flower and anywhere as long as it like to.A butterfly is also like a guy who wants to follow his feeling by telling and expressing to the girl his pure love and intention.
There are tons of things that might annoy you around the house and here is a list of five interesting solutions.
Google glasses are a project made by google. it is decided to be launched in early 2015. The new technology is about to come alive..
Many people love to live up to their respective ideas of what it takes to be cool not realizing perhaps that doing so could in reality be --- so uncool.
Leaving your cool wine because it doesn't taste good anymore? Try these simple tips so that you can finish your cool wine.
When Autumn settles in, there´s nothing more appealling than one of these broths.
Cameron highland is one of the place you must go when travelling to Malaysia. There are many type of farm, fruit , plants and insect at there.
Have you always wanted to be a badass? Don't worry. I got your back. Follow these tips, and I promise you'll be sauntering away from explosions in no time.
I wanted to play soccer one day but everything seemed so hard to learn for me. I couldn't be patient but is fun and cool to play.
Which is the sexiest vegetable?" is an interesting question discussed by many platforms of media. Many people have opted to choose "cucumber" as the sexiest vegetable.
This poem relates to a very senior poet who can not tolerate another religion god besides...
It was a surprise that suddenly, the sky was overcast by dark clouds. Soon, with a thunder, the rain started. The earth started smelling in a nice manner.
So, Assassin's Creed fans! You've already played AC:III right? Assassin's Creed is a type of game that will make you want to play another after one! As you already know there is going to be another one of this franchise, Assassin's Creed IV: Blag Flag. Well, I've collected some aweso...
Does your hair stylist know what style you want? Does she understand you, the style you want? Or Do you end up by having the worst hair-cut and going back to home? If so then this might help you to get the best one you want!
Water usually doesn't have color. It normally looks kinda blueish because of the blue sky above. Well, there are lots of mysteries around the world. Water isn't pink..It can't be pink if we normally think about it. But in Australia, there is a pink lake...Read more.
With all the hustle and bustle of life , it is good to quieten our soul , and draw close to God and walk in His presence the cool of the day .
Today one can see many people more willing to be in the artificial atmosphere of the Air conditioner.
Swimming is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and even more so in the San Joaquin Valley, where the water is full of gold crystals!
Be the student of the year with the eye catching bag you are wearing as long as you choose among the cool backpacks for school which are filled with unique features you will surely love.
I have experienced and seen many many things in my short life, and put them to paper in the form of poetry, to inspire people and to provoke thought.. Read, learn, and enjoy
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