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Before it gets too cold you need to get your barns and chicken coops ready for winter. This is something that you can do early in the fall before it gets too cold. Learn some simple tips to prepare your barn before winter.
It is so nice to know another Arkansas Wikinut. A few others have come and gone. They did not receive the same warm welcome I did, so I am hoping to do better by Manda Fowler, AKA, Web I Weave.
One can find wisdom in the smallest and most insignificant matters of life. Intelligence helps us to grasp deeper truths but many times so does common sense.
Many people wish to end suffering of animals but do not know where to start. One thing you can do to end the suffering of millions of hens is by selecting eggs that were not created using cruel battery farms.
Have you got a garden? Are your children pestering you for a family pet? Do you strive to eat fresh healthy produce? Are you watching the pennies in these difficult times? Do you care about animal welfare? Would you like to reduce your food miles/carbon footprint? If you've answered y...
Have you ever wanted to host a server for one of your favorite Source Engine games?
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