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Are humans naturally cooperative and altruistic? Are we conditioned by a competitive society to learn distrust? This film shows toddlers cooperating with adults without talking: the adult begins a task, the toddler helps complete the task.
This paper is about using Adlerian theory in nursing and education.
This section will give a more detailed definition of Adlerian theory.
On the way, the humanity, in general, seems to have forgotten about these seeds, but some human minds still carry and preserve these seeds for humanity when it would need these most and realize their necessity like never before.
Married couple told me, when their newborn baby was diagnosed with down syndrome, they felt a great shock.; they felt did not believe the news, immediately ambushed sad, deny it, imagine the child will grow and develop differently with other children. Various feelings are raging wi...
Li Ka-shing GBM, KBE, JP (born 29 July 1928 in Chaozhou, China) is a Hong Kong business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, these Work ethic make him the richest person in Asia
Rather than concentrating on burning issues of the day, our world leaders are working at cross purposes to bring each other down. Pursuing such a way of approach goes only to unify their citizens behind the uncompromising than elect the right leaders to fight the biggest battle we fac...
The classic duality of creation is at play all the time keeping us alive while goading us to be positive co-creators in our epic journey. The challenge does not exclude anyone, anything.
Basic Faculties of Science, Arts and Religion together keep a human society in order. And the order is maintained by using the techniques of Medicine, Management or Meditation. Absence of any one dimension would make him/her Wild and Inhuman.
Criminals are cunning. They know how to manage situations and prove they are right. Here is a funny story.
Few adopt cunning ways to get ahead in life. They may prove shortcuts to material success and political power, but they destroy the soul of society. It is time to redefine success to include less of selfish pursuits and more of inclusive effort.
There are many necessities in life that are not always enjoyable, yet necessary in order to have balance, completion or whatever is needed to meet the end result. This subject gives some helpful tips on completing these necessary task without loosing perspective.
It is time for a perceptible change in our perception of life and what it should be for peace and inclusive society; then only the fruits of technological advancement will percolate to all strata of society.
Cooperation is seen as a major instrument for the survival of man in the environment, it is the partnership and support that is received by man from other organisms, physical, biological and the chemical combination of the environment to sustained him in the process of life. ...
We need to bridge the gap between expectations and reality. For that we have to think global, find universal solutions and eschew parochial quick-fixes based on selfish interests of few.
Relationships are difficult at best, whether it be as dates or spouses, family members or neighbors. The one thing they have in common is what it takes for them to succeed.
The Association of African Central Banks The Association of African Central Banks was established following the recommendations of the first Meeting of Governors of African Central Banks which was held in Addis Ababa from15 to 22 February 1965
It is time to stop competing and start cooperating in every sphere of our lives.
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