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Pedometers can track our steps and tell us how active we are but do they provide additional benefits?Evidence shows using a pedometer as an intervention can reduce risk of disease and mange chronic disease.
Having good health often promotes long life. I am 64 years young. I'm not in great health, but I try to live with a positive attitude.
For the person with COPD everyday activities becomes a real drudgery and they cannot breathe and have next to no energy.
Ways to manage allergies when you have COPD. COPD is a seriously illness and with added allergies it can be difficult.
COPD is a disease which is often caused by smoking. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for chronic obstructive plumonary disease (COPD) at this time.
Here I am going to give everybody information about a new drug for (COPD) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
This is an article discussing my experience with COPD
The common flu is literally a very common illness that occurs year round. It affects everyone exposed and usually causes a mild self limiting febrile illness or a devastating life threatening condition among immunocompromised hosts. Early detection and treatment will greatly affect ...
Asbestos can be very hazardous if handled improperly and can change ones life forever.
Tobacco smoking is injurious to health. This article provides information on various health risks of smoking.
Although asthma and COPD have many of the same symptoms, they are not the same. These two conditions differ mainly in terms of their onset as well as their ability to be reversed.
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