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Below are the 8 golden rules to motive you this will help us to become successful in our professional as well as in personal life.
The NERO Burning ROM is an ideal copying solution for your CDs and DVDs copying and burning needs. It has several features that make is useful. It also helps you protect data.
A Thought for the day, I look at the most used word in the English language
The Path to Hell is walked by many. They who walk it know they are and so To Thine Own Self Be True....or if you walk a different Be It...
for those who want to copy text from an image this article is best for you since i have provided some step by step tips on how to copy text from an image
It is a given that people follow/emulate those they admire or think are having success and this is admirable...then it gets a little tiresome unless of course it read on~~~
Some one spreads tears and wants to be read as if they alone live others are dead So friends save your skin from vultures Copy write every bit as I do ....
This is a review of a new season..."comedy", the animated car wreck that is Allen Gregory. Funny was never so painful.
I used to wonder how to find out the plagiarized content on the web. I came across a website where you can check and verify to know whether a webpage has been plagiarized or not.
“A bold heart is half the battle.” Dwight D. Eisenhower was not talking about writing when he spoke those words as a World War II general, but they certainly apply. Writing is not an occupation for the faint of heart, for the insecure, for the easily intimidated. You must believe ...
Why do online copy editors (CEs) remain anonymous? They remain anonymous for the same reason that print editors send out “Form Rejection Letters” by snail mail or email. It's a matter of self preservation.
Plagiarism on the Internet is all too common and is the easy road taken by people trying to earn fast money doing minimal work. It is also Illegal, but just what do you do when you see it?
This post is more like a help request, not an advice or information.
So you are lazy again? :) I give you an example of an essay which covers a topic "It is important that people choose a career when they are still quite young". Remember, copy-paste does not really make you smarter :)
Teracopy is a free utility that integrates with Windows which greatly improves the Copy/Paste or Move processes.
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