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Many new writers do not understand the concept of plagiarism. This article is posted to shed some light on the concept and what it means to plagiarist and the sources they lifted from.
More and more people are asking who polices the internet when bad things happen.
Protecting yourself from being ripped off, losing your copyright and other perils of writing on line
Copyright issues can get difficult, but how do you know if your work is covered?
A radical new approach to both the creation of money and the distribution of wealth on-line.
Have you ever considered publishing your own books? May I help you?
Many people consider themselves to be honest, but online they lie. Some lie intentionally, others may be thinking that what they are doing is okay, but really they are lying. Learn about some of the different ways people lie online.
A Thought for the day, I look at the most used word in the English language
This is one of the problems that occurs when writing online, the copyright and the royalties are not mostly protected always by other online publishing sites. Finding a site that offers one brings both comfort and relieve to a online writer like me.
If you are looking for spacey images to use on your articles or blogs, try using the ones taken by the Hubble telescope. As they are owned by NASA they are considered public domain images and can be legally used.
The consensus agrees that downloading copyright material is O.K. sometimes, even if it is against the law. But is it? Isn't it immoral and dishonest? What's your opinion on illegal downloads?
Do you write blogs or for an article site? Are you wondering how to protect your article, or photographs, from theft? Perhaps you have heard about copyrighting things and wondering how to do it.
Stopping our regular habit of writing will definitely spoil our handwriting and so it is advisable to continue wiring daily which will be very helpful in the long run as you will get back your beautiful handwriting
With great writing comes great responsibility, to parody the words of Spiderman. With the Internet there are more writers than ever before, and there is more opportunity than ever before to copy other people's writing; indeed it only takes 3 clicks; but they could be 3 clicks to a per...
Some one spreads tears and wants to be read as if they alone live others are dead So friends save your skin from vultures Copy write every bit as I do ....
How not to give away your copyright in return for a few pennies
Let us talk about issues regarding publishing content that is authored by others and issues in copyrights.
So, we all heard about SOPA, and PIPA in the United States, right? How about SOCA in the United Kingdom which has been put as a law, without citizens says?
While writing there are certain symbols that people use and it is much easier to know the alt-code than to go through the long process of inserting a symbol and then tracking down where the symbol is out of the hundreds that exist in the common word processor and here some of the very...
The Berne Convention Implementation Act of 1988 made use of a Copyright Notice optional on works published in the United States on or after March 1, 1989.
The United States Copyright law is very convoluted. This is the first in a series of reprints that I hope will make this essential law more comprehensible.
With the internet expanding faster than our universe and so many ways to promote yourself. how can you protect your work
The list of what you may and you may not do in your writing.
Two years back I posted my poem "Laconical" on Yahoo Answers and later on published the same poem here on Wikinut. Now I find someone plagiarized this poem and posted on five different websites.
Do you know what the symbol of a letter C inside a circle means? Do you know how to tell if a picture is safe to use on your article or blog?
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