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A man watches the sunrise and the affect the sun and the sky has on the land around him. He understands how small he is in the scheme of things as he looks around the beauty of a landscape. For a moment he sees this wonder with the innocence of child before experience and education to...
A small rural village is caught by surprise. A huge thunder storm brings a deluge of rain and floods the houses and streets.
The Invisible Man takes his mind back to days when he was happy and had friends back to his childhood.
The wild rose watches nature unfold its beauty and its harshness.
A tale about two neighbors, one that struggles and one that is wealthy
~ 26 hours behind the wheel ~ highway bridges yawned before me ~ toothless mouths ~ endless voids ~ windshield of my truck a face looking back ~ a monster waiting to devour me ~ window down cursing ~ swallowed by the cocoon of time ~
A look at the amazing power and goodness of the little seed called Corn, see what it can do for you.
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