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Soap operas may be made for your entertainment, but increasingly they are being used to indoctrinate the public.
What do you think of the outcome of Michael Le Vell's Trial? Should he have been prosecuted at all? Does The Crown Prosecution Service have questions to answer?
Following Michael Le Vell's acquittal, is there a need to look at the Crown Prosecution Service's decision making?
Back to a time when Hughie Green meant things 'most sincerely' and Reginald Bosanquet spent his free time 'biting the carpet.' Each advert only ran for thirty seconds on ITV, and the breaks would be for two minutes. In Crossroads the walls and fixtures wobbled for all to see. Sundays ...
This light-hearted article reflects my personal experience of life before and after the TV remote control was invented.
I try not to take the soaps too seriously, and with this in mind, have renamed a few of them.
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