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Getting the world know whom you are is one of the most important exercise a company should do on a very proactive and studious way. To be able to create that unique identity and maintain it over time, is how small company become big "elephant" over time. There is indeed no short cut ...
Brand can be defined as a logo, tagline, name, symbol, design or even a particular colour scheme. The sole purpose of all these creations & development is simply to "sell" and "identify" company or companies including their specific product or products so that the wide audiences or ...
Logo Design identifies a business in its simplest form mark or icon
Many commentators have discussed the demise of the Technology department, yet far from demise this current economy brings opportunities for the astute IT leader to assist the corporation in deploying change.
When it comes to managing project deployment there are some mistakes that are seen regularly can be overcome when flipping the deployment approach. Agile solutions can build confidence throughout the business.
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