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Brand can be defined as a logo, tagline, name, symbol, design or even a particular colour scheme. The sole purpose of all these creations & development is simply to "sell" and "identify" company or companies including their specific product or products so that the wide audiences or ...
Logo Design identifies a business in its simplest form mark or icon
Many commentators have discussed the demise of the Technology department, yet far from demise this current economy brings opportunities for the astute IT leader to assist the corporation in deploying change.
To be successful in achieving its objectives, marketing is one of the most important factors that needs to be considered. Therefore it follows that there is a need for the owners/management to produce a professionally written marketing plan that the business employees can follow
The directors of a corporation, both individually and collectively, are required to undertake certain duties on behalf of the company. This article provides a brief overview of their main role
Here are a few practical tips taken straight from the firing line of day-to-day office experience:
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