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Nowadays, many people are talking about M&A. Willing to understand what it is about, I decided to do some researches and summarize the knowledge I have obtained through courses, certificates and more.
The sexual harassment case filed by Sreya Ukil indicated the rampant sexual harassment faced by women professionals in corporate India
The story of how some of the largest internet and It companies protect and reward mediocre frauds for corporate espionage
A poem taking a look at a modern country (not labeling a singular one) and speaking about the subtle formula society has created. Asking simply for the reader to look around them with an open mind and look past the media. My second attempt at poetry and my first time posting to this ...
The page introduces the readers to corporate social responsibility, which is a must in today's scenario of complete awareness.
Part of career management is establishing a good impression in the corporate world.
This Agreement with you big impact in your corporate need .This makes you hassle free for your documentation for Corporate Guarantee & Service Agreement.
Life in a corporate turns out to be a complete change especially after cherishing memories of your school days.
Learning to delegate the right tasks to the right individual helps you achieve more productivity.
At the corporate level strategic planning includes corporate mission and objectives, defining strategic business units, allocation of resources to strategic business levels.
But if there is to be progress—an actual move toward the proverbial perfection – it will come only as a result of a carefully prepared campaign against our imperfections.
Show workers the importance of every job. This satisfies the need for security. The supervisor sets the style. Do as you would have your subordinates do.
There are relationships and links between historic incidents and current problems somewhere underneath.
Corporate blogs are much more than platforms where one can advertise or sell products. They can help your company thrive in ways you never thought were possible.
Getting the world know whom you are is one of the most important exercise a company should do on a very proactive and studious way. To be able to create that unique identity and maintain it over time, is how small company become big "elephant" over time. There is indeed no short cut ...
Brand can be defined as a logo, tagline, name, symbol, design or even a particular colour scheme. The sole purpose of all these creations & development is simply to "sell" and "identify" company or companies including their specific product or products so that the wide audiences or ...
Logo Design identifies a business in its simplest form mark or icon
You will not find any student in this school or even teachers also in this school, but teachers are teaching and students are learning in this school
If you love your boss and he loves you too, you're worth something. if you like your boss and he doesn't or vice versa-you're on the wrong lane. If neither of you like each other- 'What the hell are you doing dude?'
To ensure future success it is essential that every business conducts a SWOT analysis
PR or Public relations is about shaping and projecting an image as a key element in the drive for success
As the term implies, corporate communication encompasses all the communication activities undertaken within the corporate context, whether formal or informal, regardless of direction or flow of information (i.e. top-down, bottom-up, horizontal).
Learning to identify and control one’s stress personality is the key to a better work environment. West Coast psychological consultants Rene Tihista and Mary Dempcy identify the different faces of stress and suggest ways to counter the behavior:
Even before you open your mouth to speak, your clothes say a lot about you.
When you’ve got something on your mind you would like your boss to know, how do you get your message through? If your job is not going as well as you’d like, and you think you have a good idea for improving it, how do you tell your boss about it? Here are ten suggestions:
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