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I don't see much difference between a Smart phone that was bought some years ago and another one launched and sold just recently.
Most of the time, the sanitation worker is addressed by the variants of garbage in the local language. See the difference when people respect them also as fellow human beings when they are given little more care and concern, just calling them by their names, not 'names'.
The single-minded pursuit of profit is the driving force behind any corporation's existence. A corporation exists solely for the purpose of making money, and that leads to...
Yes this holiday season and the recession, will entail some careful spending
Mother have that ability to perform that dual role a mother and also work in a profession. Just showing that versatility.
Getting the world know whom you are is one of the most important exercise a company should do on a very proactive and studious way. To be able to create that unique identity and maintain it over time, is how small company become big "elephant" over time. There is indeed no short cut ...
Brand can be defined as a logo, tagline, name, symbol, design or even a particular colour scheme. The sole purpose of all these creations & development is simply to "sell" and "identify" company or companies including their specific product or products so that the wide audiences or ...
Logo Design identifies a business in its simplest form mark or icon
My uncle, the quiet millionaire. If there's anything I learned from him, it is how to be fearless and committed.
The directors of a corporation, both individually and collectively, are required to undertake certain duties on behalf of the company. This article provides a brief overview of their main role
This speaks for itself really. (Xkcd fans will likely get the reference.)
But what elses there are beyond these attainments and feelings of gratitude? What price have been paid, and what dues need paying further, down the years of having a job - a career - as menifested by corporates wanting to tie us down with unfaltering commitments? To what expense, ...
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