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This dream symbol predicts what will happen in the future if you won't change your attitude. You can avoid facing a bad event in order to be corrected if you will obey the unconscious guidance in your dreams.
Your Communication should follow the three Cs, if they have to impact your audience. The three Cs are Correct, Clear and Concise.
The more certain we are that we are right, the greater the chance that we have not noticed a more viable and possibly more adaptively correct alternative.
Are you too afraid to do something? Fear is a powerful thing, yet it too often holds us back from our own true potential. Sometimes you just have to go out and put your best foot forward and have the confidence that you have the answer.
Do you believe what Manchester City are doing by 'buying' trophies is correct?
Learning English is a tricky business, yet millions do so every year. However, it’s not just the words that are important; good punctuation is as important as any word. Punctuation marks structure the sentence in a way that accurately conveys the meaning of it, and good punctuation ...
At a certain time at a certain place, a couple got together. In the following years, on the exact same day, will they still be together?
I have written other articles on tags and tagging, and other ways of improving SEO, but tags seem to be one of the ones most people still have problems with, and as such I have created this short article as well.
Writing well means using correct grammar. Like a MMORPG (massive multi-player role playing game), there are rules. With all the writing today, from school papers to business documents, online articles to blogs, and even social networking sites, it is important to gain credibility by u...
Do you know the difference between 'infer' and 'imply'? What is 'principle' and 'principal'? Do you use 'less' words or 'fewer'?
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