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Today is the Winter Solstice in the Western Hemisphere. The Sun will be very high up and will be quiet.
A letter to sheep to show how much they are appreciated and are needed by all.
A Thought for the day, I look at the most used word in the English language
There are several ways to reduce arms fat with these exercises, this will reduce the fat from the arms as sweat with the exercises.
BBlue Beard is man who loves women, but after marrying them kills. Its a lovely tale and sure to enthrall all readers.
Just like the old days, when HYIPs were so damn popular and these hit and runners scammed us on a regular basis, so they are today. Tubeexposure however, is not a HYIP
Yes those life's punches we should take some and share some. that the way to go.
How to count to 20 in Russian is a great way to be able to navigate in a foreign country.
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