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Life is not always easy. We all at one point or another suffer one trial after another and we feel like we can't keep our head above water. You ever feel that way? I think we all do. Endurance is necessary.
Placing our trust in a higher power will help to build strong faith and this will motivate us to develop our self belief or self confidence......
When the world seems like it is going upside down. There are days I like to be all alone with my Lord, we need the courage of conviction on the journey we take in life.
Think of life this way: We have to put fuel into any engine, and keep the engine running well, for it to work. That goes for survival, mechanical, spiritual or economic engines. That means any engine. Making consistent money is not an exception either. I put the engine of survival fir...
Hard work is key in accomplishing the goals of a meaningful life. It is the door that leads to all good fruits in the service of God. Hard work brings about the blessings that our labor in the vineyard always bring. I have heard it said over and over agin that there is always room at ...
How often does one not hear a parent boast about his child by saying: “He does not have a frightened hair on his head, he would tackle anything.”
Life is a funny thing for it follows its own rules. Often it follows no rules at all. There is no way to predict what twists and turns it takes.
Vivekanand is said to be a great person of India not on merit but due to conformist's attitude of Indian people deficient in courage of conviction.
When grandchildren are scheduled to visit, the grandparents wish to make the best of arrangements to make their short stay memorable. This needs funds, which, unfortunately, are not available to people with courage of conviction.
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