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Life is not always easy. We all at one point or another suffer one trial after another and we feel like we can't keep our head above water. You ever feel that way? I think we all do. Endurance is necessary.
I had a confused idea of life in general and I must find my hope in my future.
The most active period for the Indian Army was when they fell under the British Raj.This was also a very stressful time for the Indian soldiers.
This is to direct and guide you to a place where to find courage.
Now and then we need to lower the standards we set for ourselves. It doesn't have to be 100% all the time.
Battles are never fought without weapons. Only the courageous and a man with faith can be able to withstand and win a battle without any weapon.
In our world of conformists, only a majority view counts. Here, the basic question arises how a majority, without any experience in loneliness, is given a right to publicise its opinion on loneliness. It is just because they form the majority. Nevertheless, the majority view on loneli...
We should not try to block out all of our fears. Really, only a stronger fear can block out another fear. Let fears stay around and follow them into love. They often can make cracks in your armour where love can reach into you at long last. The real answer though is just to try to ke...
When one has to prove himself, he has to achieve something and to achieve something,he needs to strive hard and show the courage to face the risks and then enjoy success.
The way to be truly brave is to truly love. Follow the way of love, for that is always the most bravest of all ways that you can ever follow. It takes great courage to love as God wants you to love. Taking that courage allows you to be truly your real self. This short story is about ...
Women you are beautiful, you have the look, you are what you need to be, mother, sister, grandmother, woman. Who can say what is beautiful, you need all kinds of beautiful characteristics to be beautiful. It's all inside of you, women you are beautiful.
There has to be unlimited faith and trust in your own abilities to succeed in highest level. One needs to develop self confidence in order to lead a successful life
We all are different.Yet many of us tend to live and do things in the common way.We fear lest if we do things in our own unique way then it may be faulty.But we all have unique colour and taste.
Excitement was in the air for us five children! 78 year old Memere was coming to live with us, Even though she was my mom's mother we did not know her very well, Will this be our opportunity to really get to know her, or will an unforeseen tragedy get in our way.
Most poor people believe the rich people did extraordinary things to become wealthy such as rituals involving human parts and sacrifice. They are therefore inclined to remain reclusive without making efforts to improve their financial circumstances.
The Philippine Republic faces critical political issues, weather threats, societal problems year after year. Despite all these, it has remained resilient and headstrong.
working life isn't long to spend it hanging around and doing nothing all day long.
I was very sad to read abut the passing of Lynda Bellingham. She was a lady of great courage. Read on to find out more
A naani poem about the value of honesty and truth in process of acquiring self-wisdom.
As a parent educator for over 25 years I have found that parents have many fears that are often unfounded and can cause them unnecessary challenges. In this article I attempt to help parents deal with those fears in a healthy, constructive and effective manner.
A short biography of an extraordinary man written as a prose poem.
I admire your courage and determination. I admire you.
Every Moment, Good or Bad, Passes. But Sometimes our heart clings on to some moments of the past. Is that what causes all the pain or is that what gives us hope?
Another difficult decision to make. Whether or not to leave our beautiful warm state of Connecticut to travel to cold, up North New Hampshire. We knew it would be colder for us there in the winters, living in a bus, but the upside of this decision was our wonderful friends waiting wit...
We prefer to call anything that mystery we can not understand, it 's not so simple?
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