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Life is not always easy. We all at one point or another suffer one trial after another and we feel like we can't keep our head above water. You ever feel that way? I think we all do. Endurance is necessary.
We need Serenity in our lives to help face daily problems, and the Courage to accept what will be with the Wisdom to make the right decisions. Peace of mind, being courageous, and having wisdom is not always something that we possess. That is why we need to add prayer in order to make...
Placing our trust in a higher power will help to build strong faith and this will motivate us to develop our self belief or self confidence......
When the world seems like it is going upside down. There are days I like to be all alone with my Lord, we need the courage of conviction on the journey we take in life.
We all are different.Yet many of us tend to live and do things in the common way.We fear lest if we do things in our own unique way then it may be faulty.But we all have unique colour and taste.
I accidently step upon an anthill and the commotion that follows.
this poem is about my dad after he had heart surgery i thought to myself all the time and id look at him feeling so bad i would remember times he came on his bike so one day he caught looking out the window and sensed what i thought of him that my dad will never ride again so he did ...
History holds a cornucopia of magnificent beings who have galloped across the stage of time to be with us always. One such group were the Templars, a statue lies in the Courts of Law in London and is a marvellous sight to see. So read on and see if you can remember any of this....
Suddenly disabled by an accident, a man must make a choice between surviving or quitting. With encouragement, faith and a positive attitude, his journey of healing begins. Being disabled is not a death sentence, but a new beginning.
A man stands high on a hill silently searching. He knows his quest will be difficult but he waits.
A soldier sits in the trenches in the Great War in the wretched cold on a freezing winter day. He waits for another attack across no man's land. He feels sick, he is so scared.
It is a an article about how Martin Luther King Jr changed the destiny of humanity and promoted equality for all
How often does one not hear a parent boast about his child by saying: “He does not have a frightened hair on his head, he would tackle anything.”
Poetry about a little child and his fear of darkness.....
This is an inspirational poem I have written of my own life's experiences.
To get a date with the ice cream girl a soldier has to get past Daddy
It's 2 years since brave Jade Goody passed away on Mother's day., but her legacy to beat cervical cancer lives on.
Each day is a war waged against the mundane. Each moment a chance, to renew and open the mind to change.
There are many beautiful countries in this world. Visiting such countries makes our mind fresh and gives refreshment. Nepal is one of them. It is naturally, a very beautiful country. But the formation of Nepal was very difficult for the Nepalese kings and people. Many kings and Nepale...
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