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I always wondered how to read a court transcript. Kristine Johnson wrote, Writing Wrongs, Certified, Volume 1, where it shows how a court proceedings are reported.
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has developed a series of reasonings guaranteeing the pre-eminence of the European Union (EU) over the member States in the matter of mixed agreements.
A 46 year old man and father of four, Mark Bridger arrives at Aberystwyth magistrates court this morning to face three charges over the abduction and murder of April Jones.
If the judiciary,comes aware of facts that may constitute crimes, shall proceed ex officio. In fact, judges of Trani, that in conducting investigations of other kind, found themselves having to know news about the Prime Minister, had to proceed agains her will, ex officio, regardless ...
I've been summoned for jury duty twice and served for both. The last one was quite an experience for me and I'm glad I served.
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