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JUST came by searching for poetry in the sky I don't come to know who wrote and why so some day catch me flying in the azure sky..Courtesy Tranquilpen
When new laws or courts issue new interpretations of those laws by governments of a company,
'Teleconnecting' is the name that has been given to a specific set of skills and concepts, forms and formulas for effectively measuring customer satisfaction over the phone while placing an exclamation mark on your customer's decision to do business with you. These skills are also ef...
The most important thing you can do in life is to be kind, use common courtesy and try always to tell the truth. In all walks of life, whether its business or in your personal life, always be true to these principles. Being merciful, loving and kind to all things (except blood suckers...
How to get the best and most capable to enter politics and become leaders? For that we need to re-look the reality, the present scenario, unclog and clear the accumulated dirt and our perception of politics.
Ways to make a happier relationship through communication
How long is it since you sent somebody a hand-written letter? How long is it since you have written and sent one? It is so easy to send a text or an email to convey information or greetings to friends. Hand-written letters are becoming less relevant in today’s technology driven soci...
I wonder if we were in Ruth's situation , whether we would have obeyed Naomi's instructions ? ...But Ruth did , and she got her man!
This argumentative article shows you how courtesy isn't the trademark of the educated.
Courtesy doesn't kill, and it doesn't hurt to smile and be polite. Unfortunately this philosophy gets overlooked in day to day life. In the end though, you decide whether it's worth the trouble or not.
Learn how your words can make a huge difference in your relationships with your family, friends and with your spouse.
A conversation uses simultaneously three media - linguistic, feelings and body language. For this reason, this is the most effective process with 100 percent success achievable.
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