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We today live in a world of speed, technology, where everything is accessible. Our parents lived in a black and white time, struggled to get everything and make ends meet yet, family was everything, manners were important, and people knew the meaning of life,courting and romance! Fol...
Writing the Courtor of the One Time Courtship without making him sound like a bad guy.
Yes many couples are getting married tend to shut that romance out
This work shares five things that make love and relationship work in exciting ways.
It is good to remember the saying from some of those self proclaimed Romeos
This poem is about courting and describes how genuine one's love is. I wrote this poem long time ago to help a friend express his love for someone. This is one of the many poems I wrote when asked for help winning somebody's heart.
Yes just a look at what those guys had to prove to visit the sweetheart at home/
How often when woo the lady, all stops are pulled, when the deed is done there is relaxation.
Life is always full of surprises...Love may not be that timely; but a nice memory.
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