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Writing the Courtor of the One Time Courtship without making him sound like a bad guy.
Many marriages fail because they are lack of preparation in deciding to live together in marriage, both physically and spiritually
It is the last night in Harbour Duffet, exams are over and everyone has one last evening walking around the community. Back in their bedroom, Felipe becomes emotional.
Memories of love you never have, the times in our life when we were young, that it leaves a deep question in our heart if things would have gone the other way.
Successful courtship has prepared many couples for a successful and happy marriage, but it is advisable to open your eyes wide while entering into courtship because marriage seem more likely to survive and prosper if people enters them with relatively full knowledge of one anothe...
Old fashioned values could provide a bulwark of protection from the worst mistakes.
This work shares five things that make love and relationship work in exciting ways.
I wonder if we were in Ruth's situation , whether we would have obeyed Naomi's instructions ? ...But Ruth did , and she got her man!
Are you struggling to catch the attention of that gorgeous girl in your office? Are you helpless when it comes to wooing the ladies? Is that hunky gardener only in your garden to prune the hedges? Read on for 6 great tips on how to grab the attention of that special someone.
Through 3 episodes, we have talked about Love, its stages, how it is categorized and the characteristics of each of its stages. As we already know, its stages are firstly the attraction and then Love itself. Now let's combine the two and see what we can learn.
I was born in 1985, he was born in 1970. What happens now? Find out in this installment of He's 43, I'm 27: Chronicles of Life with an Older Man
The sperm of the male bird could be stored inside from the female bird for a long time the reason why it is not really important for the bird to mate frequently. The male bird’s sperm cell will be fertilized with the female bird’s egg cell in such time that sperm and the egg cell ...
what happens when we begin pruning ourselves for others? when we begin sacrificing watching an NBA playoff game to attend to someone who gets stranded in the wilderness? when we begin to quell smoking because someone hates its smell. perhaps, we are in love.
Animals communicate for a number of reasons and in a variety of ways,
To love means to give what is best for the beloved, to be loved is gift.
Britain's largest ever speed dating evening took place this week at the Hydro Bar in London, so I decided to go along and see what it was all about. I pretended to be a single 24-year-old lawyer.
In recent years speed dating has become popular all around the world. I tried it out.
A conflict of love among three friends with a married guy, and a guy and lady in a relationship. They made a bizarre love triangle. Witness how in a single day, everything had changed.
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