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When a kid pushes his plate back and closes his mouth tight, it means that he doesn't want anymore. No use to force him to eat it all.
Jacob goes to live with his uncle Laban and falls in love with his cousin Rachel, his uncle's youngest daughter.
Isaac and Rebekah, afraid that Esau will make good on his threat to kill his brother, send Jacob away to live with his mother's relatives.
Abraham's wife Sarah dies and Abraham sends his eldest servant to find a wife for Isaac from among his own people.
Felipe finds employment and agrees to continue living with his cousin and her family. Jordan and Felipe face a dilemma.
Felipe begins the train ride to St. John's, a journey that takes twelve hours. Arriving in the capital city he is fascinated with the modern technology around him.
Felipe makes plans to leave Southern Arm and begin the next chapter of his life.
As a child my interest in the tragic life and death of Lady Jane Grey is sparked by a remark made by my father. Thirty years later my interest is renewed.
An Israeli woman dies at the age of 99 and had more than 1,400 direct descendant.
A little boy dies leaving his cousin with a memory that would last a lifetime.
In childhood, everyone has many heroes. The first hero of a boy in his childhood days is none other than his father himself. To him, his father knows everything; his father is all-powerful to do anything in this world. As he grows, he finds other heroes.
Marriage between cousins may seem strange to the western world. But it is encouraged in some cultures for various social and economic reasons.
An account of the pain experienced as a child when the family would go for a walk
The pain people give to their kids, 'should' be criminal. With Andy, I feel both his parents should be put in a cell and the key thrown away.
Time went on, I started to heal and then, in walks a young man, that will forever be part of my heart.
Marriage with cousins is an ancient traditional custom in India. It is mainly for the safety of culture and family wealth. But today because of the changes in life style this practise is slowly disappearing.
An essay I have written on the size of house I prefer and why.
My mom decides I get a haircut. So, my cousin and I get ready. We thought that it may just be a simple trip to the barber and back home. We were way off...
Our justice system and prisons are becoming overloaded every day and with today’s economic conditions the lawyers advertise like a lion waiting for his next meal. All you have to do is turn on your television and you can find a law firm advertising for people to call their number fo...
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