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If the bandits and pirates are coming in to take over the country, what would you do? Will you just stand and watch because you don't like those existing politicians?
A Marine's lament in poetic verse. For all of our soldiers and their families.
We get pushed into a lifestyle that may not be our inner calling. It serves us well to keep our options open to switch to those by listening to our heart, What matters finally is in following our heart with passion and perseverance even if we fail to achieve our set goals.
On this 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, we humbly remember a better, more sacred time in our nation’s history, filled with blood, and the tatters of a great man’s legacy!
How do you get rid of the gut-wrenching pain that terror activity brings, as it mars civilisation, marking it's spot with a final sense of brutality? Is there any hope left for mankind?
I am going to talk about cowardice today. What does cowardice mean to you?
How much longer will the People put up with the crap that is being done to this country? We should rise up and exterminate the traitors!
Some people believe whatever happens to their country is not their problem.
Why won’t our leaders stand up to the usurper, who trounces on everything Constitutional, and wants to change everything good about a great country? The should grow one pair to at least share in Congress, and quit being the ninny-babies they are – just grow a backbone!
When your soul is caught up and your soul is counted, are you ready?
I wrote this poem almost fifteen years back. I was deeply immersed in spiritual thoughts about the creation and its mysterious ways of life and death. I admire the energy of the soul that is universal and infinite in uniting all that is animate and inanimate. I was in total tranqui...
Jacob finally realizes who the intruder really is. And his Mom finally believes him. The intruder is back, but who is going to get the upper ground?
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