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a lot of jewelry that can be worn by people to in order to look more beautiful, especially women, whether in the hands, neck or on foot. now many handmade jewelry which makes it more exclusive for the wearer because of its shape better and not on the production lot.
Photo transfer is a crafting technique that provides an easy and enjoyable way to transfer images onto a wooden surface.
As Professional Writers we spend a lot of time researching resources to help with our craft. Wouldn't it be nice to have one place and find everything we need? Or at least something as close to everything. Writer's Window VCD is just that, a Virtual Concierge Directory where you as a ...
The journey of making my first Native American styled raffia basket may not be an exciting one, but the techniques I learned will be with me a lifetime.
Handmade, by basic definition means, "Made by hands with tools, but not machines." This term has evolved into more than just something created with one's hands into an industry where we support the individual artisan and their craft. Here are some benefits to buying 'Handmade' items...
The Mancharians delve on the spiritual resources of humankind such as the knowing of the inner self which mirrors their connection to Oneness and Creation. They also talk about their ultimate evacuation from Earth. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
When I have a spare moment I intend to de-clutter my home of all the things I don't need ....I'll make a start anyway !...
A review of the Chicago pizza restaurant in Tokyo, Devil Craft.
Annie Garcin from France is expert in egg embroidery art, she is the expert in this art than the other people who are making this embroidery art on eggs.
Wouldn't it be great if you could do something you love and make some money at the same time? Well, turning your craft into cash may not be such an unrealistic venture after all. With some simple tips you could be on your way to running your very own online business.
What really happened to Noah? Did he actually collect the animals, two by two? Did the flood occur as it is written? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries
Liu Bolin creates art work of invisible person, he himself mingle in his art work with his assistants and mix with the painting.
Christmas is coming so why not be more innovative this year and craft some cards, decorations or tree ornaments to save money and to make it more personal? Here we give a number of suggestions and a guide on what you can craft this Christmas.
I have found a new home in Wikinut and am proud to be part of this family. There are times after coming home from work, the first thing I do is check my account and start writing.
We have so many amazing Authors on Wikinut, far too numerous to mention here, and such a sense of community, but there is one who always pops onto my page and never fails to make me smile, and that is dear Buzz..He is such a popular Guy with so many, and so I felt compelled to compose...
Marquetry is the name given to the craft of making intricate designs or pictures by covering a plain surface with two or more layers of wood veneer. The overall effect is quite dazzling.
It really is the little things in life that touch my heart, and mean so much.
When you mention creativity, people think you’re talking about painting, or something high flown. Most people say they don’t have to time for any of that arty-farty stuff. But creativity is not the same thing as Art, painting water colours or writing sonnets or anything like that...
I have put together a few tricks for making your own gift baskets. I used store bought cookies but, it is all in the decoration and of course you can substitute your baked goods.
Have you ever appreciated the wrinkled shell of a walnut? I do. In fact, I love the shell for its form and texture more than I do the delicious nut it contains.
A 20 years old Singer sewing machine. A busy working mother. What do you get when the latter gave up the rat race? A chemistry rediscovered.
A great tip on how to revive an old and dried up glue stick!
Cross stitch roses are a great way to start crafting
How to be a Spy and not get caught. James Bond on a Budget.
Old greeting cards, could they be trash or treasure? There are ways to give new life to those boxes of stored cards packed away, instead of them just collecting dust.
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