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Liquids are always fun to shoot, and maybe this could an inspiration for other artists too. This photo challenge is about shooting beverages.
Handmade, by basic definition means, "Made by hands with tools, but not machines." This term has evolved into more than just something created with one's hands into an industry where we support the individual artisan and their craft. Here are some benefits to buying 'Handmade' items...
Schools want to make money. For my son's school, I am the Box Tops for Education (BTFE) Coordinator. When students bring Box Tops into school, I make sure they get counted and submitted. Then BTFE sends us checks twice a year. Last year, my son's school earned $2,000. We are hoping to...
Christmas is coming so why not be more innovative this year and craft some cards, decorations or tree ornaments to save money and to make it more personal? Here we give a number of suggestions and a guide on what you can craft this Christmas.
How the craft community embraces tough economic times and makes life better by keeping hand crafting skills alive.
Summer is here. Bet, you cannot wait to push yourself into the limits for this summer break. Get excited, get a tan! So keep yourself busy, enjoy the hoopla while the heat is on. Get sun bath or whatever you want to mark yourself with an unforgettable summer treats.for this year alon...
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