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Rosemary is used internally for problems of the digestive tract, particularly bloating and cramps; it also stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion.
According to Dr. Michael Triangto, sports medicine specialist, warming up and stretching should be done, in the light capacity. "If the warming in excess, it causes injury to the joints". He explains, warming is enough for 5-10 minutes before exercise intensity light.
A humorous poem about ailments, diseases and germs and how to avoid them.
We all get old that is true, but our mind never seems to get as old and as fast as our bodies. I am sure many of you will know just what I mean
I have been getting leg cramps ever since I was in school. They generally come during the nights when I am sleeping. Read on to know about my experiences on how I deal with it.
What is leg cramping? Why do people experience leg cramping and how can it be avoided from happening?
Kombucha tea is all the rage among celebrities, its misterious origins and health claims make it a super-star among homebrewed beverages.
The body produces the hormone called prostaglandins, which makes the uterus contract more strongly during menstruation. Some girls produce more amounts of it, while others may just be more sensitive to the Menstrual cramps also help expel the discharge.
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