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A short review and analysis of the famous story written by Edgar Allen Poe, called The Black Cat
To live is to feel, at the moment I feel like to disappear again!
This pages has a crazy poem. I just let my mind wonder and came up with some off the wall stuff! This poem is meant to entertain, have fun reading!
It just a small poem I wrote back in 2009 when something tradgic happened I guess I really don't remeber, but I tear up everytime I reread it. It has alot of emotions for me I guess that I probaly suppressed
She's Gone Off Her Rocker... this is one i have been playing with for a few days, what inspires me on this is sometimes the things -- not that we think -- but that of which we write and i say to myself -- well she done went off her rocker --- believe it or not i say it about my self ...
All women are manic, no woman knows exactly what she wants.
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