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Following are basic lip care tips to safeguard our lips from any reasonably disorders and keep them soft and healthy.
The doctors have now changed their minds and are back to telling us what our grandparents knew. Butter is just fine for us and a healthy diet needs to include some. The problem is that getting pure, organic butter can be very difficult. If you have a source of organic milk that you tr...
People usually receive presents for their birthdays; but Eric Clapton in presenting fans with a few concerts to celebrate his birthday.
Learn how to make an excellent face cream to reduce wrinkles for less.
This year, I made Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cupcakes, and they are by far the cutest and tastiest confections of all my Christmas themed treats I've made so far.
Obituary for mult instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Jack Bruce.
The perfect creamy custard with a hint of vanilla flavor that can be use in filling donuts, pies, eclairs, cream puffs etc.
Simple, but delicious -these are a different kind of Lent fritters.
Beauty tips in relation to skin health and ageing.
This is a dessert that is very traditional for Italian family gatherings. A very rich and savory dessert.
Perhaps an allegory here but then so much is not what it seems as we wander down the passageway of life times, your times it really matters not...we all will ultimately end in the same place....
Heat ghee in a pan. Combine onions, green cardamom, block cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Fry over medium heat till onions become translucent and glossy.
Finely chop the onions and set it aside. Take a frying pan and pour the oil. Bring to heat and then add the onions and sauté briefly.
Mind your feet by taking on these basic rules on foot care seriously, because life´s a long catwalk.
A delightful, gooey chocolate treat for the whole family to enjoy. Makes a wonderful dessert when served with fresh cream or even warm custard.
It is not easy to make chocolate ganache cake that looks sweet. There are few secrets in this article that you can use.
I guess they do add some non organic ingredients but as long as they test it, read the posting to see outcome.
Spending the summer vacation in an ideal way is the best things the children can do by utilizing their time in creative activities.
Fair skin is the goal of many girls and maybe men, who like fair skin and how to have fair skin, is in the article.
It is also a hand art of sweet craft painting with caramelized sigar in china’s Saichuan area. Sweet paintaing made with sugar in hot liquid form.
Now we need not fear to use butter and cream in our food, the nutrionists says it is not danger to take butter and cream in the foods.
organic moisturizers in your kitchen, easy and cheap
Here you can find useful information about a cream which you can use daily for a make up.
Beautiful, sexy, smooth skin is every woman's dream.ellulite will greatly disturb the appearance of a woman. Folds of skin that look (although slim) would be considered as damaging to her beauty.
One of my post-Christmas meals. I opened up my fridge and cupboards and found a can of young corn, half a bag of baby potatoes and an excessive amount of garlic. Enjoy!
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