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To believe in creationism is to deny the incontrovertible evidence of science. In fact, if the universe is only a few thousand years old, then we would not be able to see the vast majority of the stars in the sky.
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In some public schools in America, there is no longer any such thing as separation of church and state.
The debate as to whether god created us humans, or whether we evolved from another species, is an engrossing one, and is an unresolved question till now. Let us check
Republicans in Texas do not want young people there to be educated. They want them to be indoctrinated, and they make no bones about it.
I am not necessarily referring to artistic creativity. Many people think that creativity is producing a new creation of some type.
Today in a world, where there is much confusion about truth, about what is real and unreal, there is only one source where you can obtain True Stories Worth Telling to the young, middle aged, elderly, and the hopeful as well as the hopeless and that is the Bible which is the Word of ...
Many people want to be writers but they put off the idea of writing. If anyone wants to write, they must first try writing something and increase the effort slowly until they can do it with ease. It is never late for a person to start creative writing as a profession. It depends and...
More and more of our youth are turning away from the church. This article proposes a cause and a solution.
Do dreams have a reality we haven't accounted for? Are they true? Our lives, are they founded upon dreams and figments of our imaginations?
The pubic school teacher right to teach creation, but cannot teach different religion that causes the discussion about the religion is not required. The country will continue to decrease in science literacy, if creationism is taught to students as the theory of creationist remain inad...
The controversy between creationists and evolutionists, especially regarding interpretation of The Book of Genesis, has raged for a long time. There really is no reason for all that "hot air".
A critical evaluation of the Biblical Creation story.
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