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Are you Living on Purpose or going through the motion of expectation and perceived responsibility, like most of the world? The key to connecting to our true purpose is recovering our I-Am-Ness - that which we were born with, including creativity.
We know how to use our imagination to create beautiful things.
The opening sequence for the EENDAG video novel is quite a work of memorable art. We asked the creator Marius Macrobius of Mooiflieks about it.
Here is to you, dear writer, for not being afraid of using the words to make a change in the world.
Even when we are very different, in the end, the dream is exactly the same.
Ah, creativity.... what can be said about creativity? A lot. But instead of talking gibberish, let us also talk about channeling. Channeling is very important for a creative person. They need to channel their creativity somewhere. This can cause problems and heartache and har...
You may not believe me but I assure you that you are an expert on something. My father could plaster a whole wall in the time it takes me to fill a small hole, but at the same time I could make things happen on a computer he could never perceive. There is nothing to say one person's e...
Each and every person has his own innate gifts. There are people who have the natural ability to lead people, there are great public speakers, and there are people with great musical abilities to name a few. Perhaps, I can say that mine is creating art.
My father was very important in my life. I like to think, that I am a lot like him. He was a creative, kind, giving man. I cherished the time that I had with him. I see him in my son, through the things my son loves to do and the way my son treats other people.
How can reading compete with the world of technology? This generation of children are fortunate to be part of the technology explosion and to be technophiles, but parents and carers it is also vitally essential for children to know how to be creative and to use their imaginations.
Haiku is a poetic form that is fun to do but also a very effective form of poetry to capture a single moment or even a feeling. I have posted here a few of my haiku poems that I had written a while back.
And the naked branches Scratching the pain Disfigured moments Keep knocking
I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.
This is another part to a story I began called the House.
This is a poem about being in a time of need and missing an old friend!
I thought this poem would be appropriate because of the cold, windy weather we've been having.
If you want to create something like a piece of art or a photograph, here's a challenge for you!
They work when the work comes to them… meaning that they only paint, draw, write, sew, or write, when they feel like it. Creative people know the mind performs best in small bursts of concentrated work.
Create your own clothing, these are some of the wonderful reasons why you should set your own fashion in the world.
A variety of subjects according to what my mind decides to create when the moment to write arrives.
A representation of wishful thinking, of hope for brighter days to come, for winter's frozen embrace to leave us and for the bloom of beautiful spring days to shower our days with color.
My photo challenge number 9 is «spotlight». You can make the spotlight yourself or wait for Mother Nature's help.
In this article, I will give some advice for you, ways to apply your lover, in a nice way, and memorable. Creating a date that is not forgotten and others.
Elderly relatives are asset to the family.Under no circumstances can they be thrown out and kept in a old age home.They should be taken care of with due honour and courtesy.failing which human and social values may be downgraded.
When we spend our leisure in productive or creative activities we get immense pleasure, knowledge and satisfaction. On the other hand, if we spend our free time just watching TV, it not only deprives us of using and developing our creative skills, but also spoils our eyesight.
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