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Because of our faith and love for Him ~ Christ has brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand ~ and we are able to confidently and joyfully look forward to the future.
Short people (Orang Pendek) is the most common name who reported living in the forests of Sumatra island. This animal has been seen and documented for over 100 years by the forest dwellers, villagers, the Dutch colonists, scientists, and rover West.
The mysterious Loch Ness Monster showed a bit a few days ago, but this time 150 miles from the place which is considered his home.
These sea creatures are probably ones you never heard of, never knew and probably won't believe exists. The world is not as simple as we think.
I accidently step upon an anthill and the commotion that follows.
Create On the internet Earnings From House In A Wide range Of Ways
No hurt sorrow only time pass or as most may say... time wasting ...mine I can spare yours is left to you your discretion at least 600 do daily
A Research in God started in my mind ...when I was just under five ...Since then I'm still searching
The phrase "old soul" can be so much deeper than people realize. This a poem for people who like me believe they have an old soul, you can't explain how you know that you just feel it. This is one of the many journeys I have encountered through the long road of this old soul.
Hello world, so sorry i had to receed in my shell for a while. This is from Conflicting Shadows........have a nice read.
I am not necessarily referring to artistic creativity. Many people think that creativity is producing a new creation of some type.
Have you ever encountered something so sinister that it sends chills down your spine? I'm referring to a creature that slithers in by the dark of night and finds itself curled up in a dark corner, waiting to strike. But the snake fears one animal above all.
Part 2 of Mental Nature - The soldiers begin to suspect that they aren't the only ones in the compound, which is beginning to erode their sanity.
This is a true story, set out in poetic rhyme. It is a lesson worthy of sharing. How our actions are sometimes guided for the better. Although at first glance, this cannot always be readily perceived.
Very Short Haiku Poetry - Poetry with a message worth a thousand words
In recent times, strange animal corpses have appeared all over the globe, throwing a new spotlight onto the hitherto niche area of science known as cryptozoology. But is this new wave of legends just mis-identification of animals we've already discovered? * WARNING: some of the pictur...
~Writing from my camper~I traveled from California to Colorado last week to witness a rite of passage. My grandson, Billy, graduated with honors from high school. He has been accepted by the School of Mines, a college where young folks work hard to become engineers. Family is tall ...
~waking up in the desert~rainman~caught in the eyes of serpents~he learned reptile moves~denying Jesus while creating a chaos of gods~remembering the death car~indians on the highway~no one here gets out alive~
~Charlie Manson~look down at me~see a fool~ look up at me~see a god~look straight at me~see yourself~Jim Morrison~do you know the warm progress under the stars~do you know we exist~Nietzsche~know your overlord~ Poe~condor years~
Here I tried to reconciliate my failing soul from the glimpse of Light, a heavenly wisdom showered upon my tired intellect. Am I clear in this expression?
This is an essay I wrote for an AP English class after reading Frankenstein. The prompt was something to the effect of "how do science and religion affect Victor in the novel" and "are science and religion necessarily opposing ideas?" It was less of an "essay" and more of a typed r...
This is an article on what several witnesses are claiming -- that they saw the legendary creature Bigfoot in Southeast Pennsylvania. Numerous eye witness statements are included.
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