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Credit cards have their place, but they also cause untold problems for millions of people. If you are in debt, then chances are that it isn't your fault, but that doesn't change the situation itself.
So, can a credit card company sue you? Yes, but there is still desire and things may turn out better than you expect.
Have you ever had to cancel a credit card before because someone stolen yours without looking or having credit card trouble. A lot people has to go through everything to get their credit card cancel because other people are stubborn to go get their own credit card for themselves to pu...
Like to understanding some credit terms & slogan. Read on..................
Interested in knowing what the banks look for when reviewing your loan application ? or accessing your credit report ? Then continue reading..................
During my younger day immediately after getting my degree and my first job, I also got hold of my first taste of credit cards usage. The ease and "power" that these cards make me ride the cloud for about one year (with an average card limit of 5000 dollars multiply by about 10 cards ...
Loans will become harder to come by, and the boom of prosperity will burst, europe in particular will suffer great financial losese
credit in broad terms simple means cash when you need the resource, but how many credit cards does an individual need, will largely depend upon the level of credit they want and can afford to utilize.
A short story/article on the new generation of homeless people that the credit crunch has bought to the world
It's just before Christmas,when we all need to spend more money, and gas and electricty are now set to rise in price.
While most Banks got caught out in the credit crisis, it has cost some, such as Washington Mutual, more than others
Six weeks seems a long time, if your children are on holiday, and money is tight. Here are some of my ideas to share with you.
Are we making it worse by our attitude? We need to get a grip on things now before we make this recession worse.
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